Over the coming weeks we hope to fill out this links page with a number of interesting and/or useful links – if you have a link you think we’d like to know about please do feel free to let us know. As the list grows we’ll split the list up into separate sections;

  • Aid worker daily
    Jon Thompson’s resource for fellow aid workers.
  • Aptivate
    ICT4D NGO which provides IT services for international development.
  • LinkNet
    Zambian network working on communications in rural areas.
  • Loband
    useful tool that strips down websites for low bandwidth connections.
  • Maneno
    low bandwidth blogging platform for Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Web design Guidelines
    best practice for creating low bandwidth web sites.

2 Responses to “Links”

  1. Thank you for this initiative! Possibly there could be links to ‘practises’ in the field, thus to where the people ‘out there’ (eh… out here for me), do publish their stuff. For instance like our website http://www.link.net.zm ICT in the rural areas of Zambia

  2. jim jay said

    Good idea Gertjan. Perhaps we could split the list into tools, resources and organisations (by country) – something like that…

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