What’s tinder blog?

Tinder blog stands for Technology in Developing Regions and is our modest contribution to Information Communications Technology for Development, sometimes known as ICT4D. We hope to discuss the latest news in the field and take a wider look at more general issues as they occur to us.

Tinder’s audience

In a sense ICT4D straddles two sectors rather than being a stand alone thing in itself. It bridges both the IT world, where new developments and methodologies could be of immense interest to those interested in development and the development sector that know ICTs are vital to their cause, but are not always best equipped to understand how they are best applied.

Far from being a narrow niche we think there is a growing audience for the issues surrounding technology in the developing world.

Tinder’s mission

It’s our hope to advocate open source, agile methodology, and appropriate use of technology to those working in development and an ethical approach with developmental aims to the IT profession. We think there are important things to say about policy, about how we plan projects and interventions and also about a general approach that takes buzz words like participation and turns them into something more concrete.

This means we need to be realistic about technology. It affords an extraordinary opportunity but there are no silver bullets and quick fixes to the endemic problems that face the developing world.

Tinder style

We’re not looking to produce a “press release” style blog, but something a little more punchy and occasionally controversial. Not because we think we have all the answers but because that is the best way of testing ideas and promoting the discussion.

We also want to collaborate more widely. We’ve only just started this blog but we hope to build up a team of contributors with a variety of different kinds of expertise and interests so that there’s aways something fresh and surprising lurking round the corner at tinderblog.

That means there will be a thin line to tread between discussing technical issues, and explaining important issues and doing this in a way that’s accessible to wider audience. That’s probably more of an art that a science but whilst there may be no “perfect” answer we do hope that just by considering these issues we’ll safeguard against the possibility that only specialists in the field will be able to read and understand what we have to say.

At the end of the day we hope we can help build that small but growing online community of those interested in the sector and make some valid contributions. This is very much a work in progress so all contributions and suggestions are more than welcome to help get us onto the right track.

The current tinder blog team

The day one team are Chris Wilson and Jim Jepps from ICT4D NGO Aptivate and we’re looking for team members from other organisations and none to build up a good spread of knowledge and expertise. That means we’d love to hear from you if you think you could contribute a positive and critical approach to tinder blog.


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